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Want to Start Reporting Locally Issued Certificates?

2 minute video describing how colleges can submit locally issued certificate data to the Chancellor's office and the benefits of doing so. View »

Using Perkins Reports to Find Program TOP Codes

Instructions and screen shots that show how to use the Perkins reports posted on the Chancellor’s Office website to get an understanding of which TOP codes have been assigned to college CTE programs. Download »

Determining Whether there is Missing Data in the LaunchBoard

Step-by-step instructions, with screenshots, that show how to identify whether programs have problems with SAM codes that affect calculations for non-introductory courses, if locally-issued certificates are being uploaded to MIS, and the percentage of students who can be matched to the state wage file. Download »

What Are the Data Sources for the LaunchBoard?

Three-page guide summarizing the sources of data for each of the LaunchBoard tabs including the Program Snapshot, Strong Workforce Program, CTE Outcomes Survey, K-14 CTE Pathways, and Adult Education. Download »

Which Codes Are Assigned to My Programs?

Two-minute video describing how to determine the TOP codes that have been assigned to courses and awards, to help evaluate why data may appear to be off in the LaunchBoard or Data Mart. View »