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Understanding the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Data Dashboards

Brief description of the Chancellor's Office three primary dashboards, including the purpose they serve, which metrics they cover, and which students are included. View »

Looking for Data on on Employment and Earnings?

Find out how the LaunchBoard can help you find information on employment rates and earnings for both skills-builders and completers. Watch the video »

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Want More Information On Skills-Builder Students?

Two-minute video describing who skills-builder students are and where to find information on their outcomes and the programs they are most likely to enroll in. »

Improving Response Rates on the CTE Outcomes Survey

Details strategies that can help ensure that more students respond to the CTE Outcomes Survey, which provides detailed information on students' employment status and satisfaction with their educational experience. View »

Understanding Skills-Builders

This infographic explains who skills-builders are, how skills-builders are identified, what we know about them, and why it's important to examine skills-builder outcomes. View »